Who Regulates What

It is not always easy to find where to go when you have questions about developing land or building a house. This page is intended to fast-track you to the right agency for permitting the activity you propose to undertake. The list of development activities contained in this brochure are many common ones associated with building, but there are others not listed here you may encounter in your project. The agency list will give you a good idea of the type activity each regulates.

To avoid a violation or a non-compliant activity, you should always obtain proper permission from the right agency before performing the work. Some development activities require multiple permits, if the location has multiple regulations. Developing in the Western North Carolina mountains can be difficult because of steep slopes, high quality waters, and high density developments. Good planning is crucial to the success of your project. Start your planning process early to avoid costly delays, and you save money by “doing it right the first time.”

If You're Dealing With...