Residential Erosion Control

A lot of times when people undertake a home building project, they just don’t know what is actually required for erosion and sediment control. The purpose behind this page is to give you the basic ideas of the sediment law and to provide some suggestions to help you stay in compliance and stabilize your site properly. You can adequately control off-site tracking by installing and maintaining a gravel construction entrance. Properly installed silt fence along the lower side of the property can protect the neighbor and the creek. You may need a culvert under the driveway and a storm-water diversion ditch. In any case and for any situation the main objective is to keep your mud on your property and establish ground cover quickly! 

The best erosion control will always be ground cover. Sow grass ASAP and don’t wait to put down gravel. The minimum you must do is to protect adjoining properties and natural resources from sediment damage, and establish ground cover quickly. Home sites are often located along streams. Buffer zones are streamside areas requiring special protection from sediment damage. An undisturbed, vegetative buffer zone is required on many of our streams. More information about required buffer zone widths can be attained by contacting the Erosion Control office.

Good Installation
Bad Installation