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Vendor Registration Form

  1. Business Type*
  2. Payments will be made payable to this name.
  3. P.O. Box, Street, Apartment, Suite, City, State
  4. Type of Payee*
  5. Purchase Order Information
    (If different than already listed)
  6. Bid/Quote/Proposal Information
    (If different than already listed)
  7. Remit to Information
    (If different than already listed)
  8. Sales Tax*
    Haywood County is required to pay North Carolina state and local sales tax. Please state whether you are set up to charge these taxes on your invoices.
  9. Invoice Payment Terms
    Haywood County payment terms are net 30 days from the date of receipt of invoice, unless any available discounts are indicated on the invoice.
  10. Purchase Orders

    Purchases of $5,000 or above require a purchase order number.

  11. Required Forms
    An IRS W-9 form is required before payment will be made to any vendor.
  12. Do you have Workers' Compensation Insurance?*
    (Proof of Workers' Compensation Insurance may be requested)
  13. Do you have Liability Insurance coverage?*
    (Proof of Liability Insurance may be requested)
  14. Does your business deliver to/service Waynesville, NC?*
  15. Is there a delivery charge for this?*
  16. Minority & Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) Vendor/Supplier Information
    To qualify for MWBE vendor status, 51% of the company must be owned and controlled by a minority or a woman (single or group).
  17. Indicate if you are certified as an MWBE Vendor by:
  18. Please check the following that apply:
  19. Please use the space to describe the commodities you sell or the services you wish to provide to Haywood County, or attach line cards or other information to this form.
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