Temporary Food Establishments


A temporary food establishment (TFE) doesn’t operate for more than 21 days in any given location, and operates in conjunction with events such as carnivals, festivals, or public exhibitions. Organizers of these events are required to notify Environmental Health about the event, and must provide a list of all food vendors. 

Applications & Permits

Each food vendor is required to complete and submit a separate application to obtain a permit. Not all vendors will ultimately need a permit, but determination isn’t made until the application is received, along with a complete list of menu items to allow environmental health specialists to determine whether or not the food vendor is exempt.

Each food vendor is also required to undergo inspection by an environmental health specialist prior to the event.


If a vendor is non-profit, they should submit documentation to our office proving non-profit status. Once filed and accepted, non-profit vendors may claim an exemption from permitting for two consecutive days no more than once a month.

Submitting Permits

Mobile food units and pushcarts that have already been permitted by a health department are not required to obtain a temporary food establishment permit as long as they submit a copy of their existing permit.

Apply for a Permit

To apply for a temporary food establishment permit, the event organizer should return the following items to the Environmental Health office:

  • Applications must be received at least 15 days before the event
  • $75 plan review fee (check made payable to Haywood County Environmental Health)
  • Completed temporary food establishment application, including a list of menu items

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