Emergency Management

Haywood County Emergency Management is the County's point of contact with North Carolina Emergency Management with regards to disaster planning, preparation, response and recovery. They are merely the coordinator of all resources before, during and after a disaster. The primary function is to evaluate the County for vulnerability and capability to manage disaster whether they are natural or man-made. This process is performed by the maintaining and revising of the Counties Emergency Action Plans. The plans are exercised several times per year and constantly evaluated for compatibility with local, state and federal resources plans.

The most important function of Emergency Management is cooperation and involvement with State and Federal Emergency Management Officials who may play a role in Disasters in Haywood County as well as with:  

  • 911 communications
  • EMS
  • Fire
  • Local Law Enforcement
  • Rescue

Input from the Local Emergency Planning Committee of Haywood County assists in adapting plans involving Hazardous Materials.

Disaster Plans

When a disaster strikes, Haywood County will activate their Disaster Plans immediately to assure the safety and efficiency of smooth emergency operations. Along with local Emergency Services, other agencies involved with disaster management in Haywood County are: 

  • American Red Cross
  • Department of Social Services
  • Haywood EMC
  • Haywood Regional Medical Center
  • Health Department
  • The municipalities of Waynesville, Clyde, Canton, and Maggie Valley
  • North Carolina Forest Service
  • North Carolina Highway Patrol
  • North Carolina National Guard 
  • Public Transit
  • Salvation Army

More Information

Haywood County Emergency Management is managed by the Haywood County Emergency Services Coordinator, Greg Shuping. For more information about your local Emergency Management office, please contact Mr. Shuping.