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Welcome to Haywood County Public Library: Library History/Facts


1891 Waynesville women started the Waynesville Library with the first stockholders' meeting held at WB Ferguson’s Law Office on Main Street. Each stockholder paid $5. The first president was Captain Alden Howell. The library was supported by teas, suppers, bazaars, and annual subscriptions. The Waynesville Library bought the empty rock building (formerly the bank) on Main Street with subscriptions.

1915 The Canton Woman’s Club formed a library in Canton, raising needed money with teas, bazaars, suppers, and public subscriptions.

1934 The Depression forced a brief closing of the Waynesville Library, but it was reopened through use of Works Progress Administration (WPA) funds.

1943 The Waynesville library organized on a county-wide basis. Commissioners appointed to the Board of Trustees: Colonel J. Harden Howell, Chairman, Mrs. Troy Leatherwood, George A. Brown, Jr., Hilda Way Gwyn, Glenn Palmer, and Mrs. HA Helder.

1944 The Haywood County Public Library hired its first professional librarian, Margaret Johnston.

1948 A panel bookmobile, purchased by public subscription, went into operation.

1954 In memory of WB Ferguson, his family gave their former home and grounds at Boyd Avenue and Haywood Street for the Waynesville Library. Reuben B. Robertson provided a building for the Canton Library.

1958 Funds were raised by a public campaign, chaired by Tom Alexander and Jonathan Woody, for remodeling the Waynesville building. Hilda Way Gwyn, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, presided at the dedication.

1958 A bookmobile was purchased through a public fund drive, matching a grant from AL Freedlander.

1967 A North Carolina local history and genealogy collection was organized, and included memorial books to William Medford, as well as a genealogy collection donated by Colonel RK Smathers.

1968 The Friends of the Haywood County Public Library was incorporated.

1972 The Haywood County Public Library and Canton Public Library consolidated, unifying the county’s library services.

1976 The Library won approval for a specially funded outreach project, setting up five rural mini-libraries.

1979 The Appalachian Regional Commission approved a matching grant of $634,370 for a new library building in Waynesville. Sam Wiggins chaired the campaign which raised matching contributions from Haywood County government, municipalities, industries, business and professional organizations, and many individuals.

1980 A ground breaking ceremony for the new library was held on August 15.

1981 A dedication for the new Haywood County Public Library headquarters was dedicated October 30.

The Canton library added Sunday hours, 1:30pm-5pm.

1986 The Time Space Voyager sculpture by Tom Grubb was installed.

1987 The Pennsylvania Avenue School (site for the new Canton library) burned for a second time.

1988 Funds were raised by a public campaign, chaired by Jack Patrick, to build a new library in Canton.

1989 On March 1, the Canton branch opened to the public.

1990 On May 15, the library brought up the Dynix automation system.

1995 The library connected to the Internet through the North Carolina Information Network.

1999 A dedication for the sculpture In Wind We Woven Weave by Daniel Miller was held, in honor of former Library Director Katherine Armitage.

2001 Renovations to the Maggie Valley branch brought the mini-library up to a full service branch.

2004 On December 7, the Fines Creek branch opened.