When did this exemption begin?

In 1973 the North Carolina legislature enacted the Sedimentation Pollution Control Act that applies statewide. Haywood County adopted its own Erosion Control Ordinance in 1988. It is based upon the state’s model ordinance and has requirements specific to Haywood County’s topography and natural resources.

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1. What is a regulated land-disturbing activity?
2. Isn’t farming exempt?
3. When did this exemption begin?
4. What am I supposed to do?
5. Why have I got to do all this stuff, just for a little mud?
6. If I disturb less than required for a permit, do I still have to do anything?
7. How long have I got to get grass growing or put gravel down?
8. Can I go ahead and start work without plan approval or a permit as long as I stay under the permitting threshold?
9. Can I at least begin cutting trees?
10. What do you mean that’s trout water a trout can’t live in that trickle?
11. What if I start work before I get a Land-Disturbing Permit?
12. Does my permit ever expire?
13. When I finish my project, do I need to do anything?
14. Doesn’t the county have a storm water ordinance?
15. I’m in the Town of Clyde. Can you inspect the neighbor’s bad work?