What is a regulated land-disturbing activity?

Any use of the land by any person that results in a change in the natural cover or topography and that may cause or contribute to sedimentation for: 

  • Commercial development
  • Educational
  • Highway and road construction and maintenance
  • Industrial
  • Institutional
  • Residential

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1. What is a regulated land-disturbing activity?
2. Isn’t farming exempt?
3. When did this exemption begin?
4. What am I supposed to do?
5. Why have I got to do all this stuff, just for a little mud?
6. If I disturb less than required for a permit, do I still have to do anything?
7. How long have I got to get grass growing or put gravel down?
8. Can I go ahead and start work without plan approval or a permit as long as I stay under the permitting threshold?
9. Can I at least begin cutting trees?
10. What do you mean that’s trout water a trout can’t live in that trickle?
11. What if I start work before I get a Land-Disturbing Permit?
12. Does my permit ever expire?
13. When I finish my project, do I need to do anything?
14. Doesn’t the county have a storm water ordinance?
15. I’m in the Town of Clyde. Can you inspect the neighbor’s bad work?