Zip Code Subcommittees of the TDA

 Meeting Information

  • Meets as necessary


  • The Zip Code Subcommittees are subcommittees of the Tourism Development Authority Board and were established in 2008.  
  • Each county zip code has a subcommittee.  
  • The Zip Code Subcommittees were established and appointed as a result of legislation authorizing Haywood County to levy an additional one percent occupancy tax to be distributed into five separate zip code areas of the county based on the collection area from which the proceeds were collected.  
  • The Zip Code Subcommittees receive, review, and recommend funding allocations for all eligible applications received to determine use of funds to promote travel, tourism, and cover tourist-related expenditures in each of the collection areas.


  • Vacancies are not posted. The TDA receives appointment recommendations from the Town Aldermen / Lake Junaluska Executive Management Team for each of the Zip Code Subcommittees. The TDA then provides appointment recommendations to the Haywood County Board of Commissioners for appointment.
  • Members are appointed to two year terms.