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For questions about vaccine registration, please start by reading the FAQ below. If you still have questions please call the COVID-19 vaccine hotline at 828-356-2019.

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Vaccination FAQ

Can I or should I be vaccinated?

If I have the antibodies (had a mild case) should I take the shot?

  • As long as you are not actively ill with COVID-19 and are symptom-free, you may be vaccinated.

Since the vaccines are live cultures, are they safe, and/or will the vaccine be administered to individuals with significant allergies or auto-immune issues?

Should I get Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, or do I have a choice?

Vaccine Rollout 

  • Everyone ages 12* and up is eligible to be vaccinated. The only vaccine currently approved for those 12-18 is Pfizer-BioNTech.

How can I get updates on the vaccination efforts in Haywood County?

  • Watch for weekly vaccine rollout press releases on Fridays through the media, the county website and on the county’s social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. 

Can any adult, regardless of health condition, get vaccinated now?

  • Yes

Residency Questions

I am a part-time resident, I pay taxes in Haywood County. Can I get my vaccine in Haywood County?

  • If you own property in Haywood County, are in residence during the time of the vaccination clinic, and are able to commit to having both shots in Haywood, then you may register.

As a seasonal resident, do I have to get both shots in Haywood County, or can I get shot 1 here, and shot 2 elsewhere?

  • Seasonal residents who have their first shot in Haywood County need to commit to having both here. Second shots are scheduled 3-4 weeks after the first shot, depending on the vaccine.

Making an Appointment

How do I book an appointment?

Initial Dose Appointment

 I am going out of town soon, what should I know about booking the initial and 2nd shot appointments?

  • You should not book an initial appointment if you don’t plan to be in town during the time frame for your second dose (21-28 days after the first). Second doses are allotted to the county where you got the first, so you need to be present in the same county for both shots. Please try to commit to finishing the series when considering whether to accept the first appointment.

What type of ID do I need for my appointment?

  • ID is not required.

Second Appointments

How do I schedule my follow-up vaccine appointment?

  • Your second dose appointment will be automatically booked for the appropriate date, depending on which vaccine you got. If you need to change your appointment, please call 828-356-2019, option 1.

My card does not say where to go for my second appointment, where do I go?

  •  Unless otherwise notified, you will receive your second dose at the same location as your first. 

I will be out of town for the second dose, what do I do?

  • You should try to consider this when scheduling a first dose appointment. Keep in mind that second doses are scheduled 21 days after first dose for Pfizer and 28 days after first dose for Moderna.

What happens if I miss my second dose completely?

  • The studies indicate that 2 weeks after the first dose, a person gets around 50% of the immunity; two weeks after the second dose, this increases to 95%.

  • Ideally, you should get the second dose at the specified time — 21 days for Pfizer; 28 days for Moderna. Although not recommended, the second dose can be delayed up to 6 weeks after the first dose in the event of delayed supply, but there are no studies that confirm this is as effective.

If I get a Moderna vaccine as my first shot, must my second shot also be from Moderna or can it be a different manufacturer?

  • Your second shot should be from the same manufacturer as the first. On the off chance there is no supply of that vaccine at the proper time, another can be substituted, but be aware there is no study that confirms this is as effective. As of now, there has not been a problem having the same vaccine available for second doses.

  • Those who received Pfizer or Moderna should not substitute the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for the second dose. The Johnson & Johnson works differently from Pfizer or Moderna and is designed to be a single-dose only.

After vaccination

If a person receives the vaccine in January 2021, won't they have to receive it again during the fall of 2021 to ensure that they are protected when cold weather and the holiday season arrives and people are back indoors?

  • That remains unknown at this time.

How long is the immunity with the COVID-19 vaccination expected to last once both doses are given?

  • Full immunity (about 95% protection) is reached two weeks after the second dose. It is too soon to know how long that 95% effectiveness will last, but early indications show that COVID vaccines retain high effectiveness for at least six months after the second shot.

  •  Although the risk is much reduced, the vaccine does not guarantee absolute protection, it may still be possible to become infected. Mask wearing, social distancing, and handwashing remain essential.

General Vaccine Questions

Can medical staff refuse vaccination?

  • No one is required to be vaccinated. However, individual healthcare organizations can make their own requirements.

Can businesses require staff to vaccinate?

  • No one is required to be vaccinated. However, individual businesses can make their own requirements.

If I remain unvaccinated can I be refused service or medical treatment?

  • There is no national mandate to be vaccinated. However, individual healthcare organizations can make their own requirements.

Are Ingles or other pharmacies vaccinating?

Can I be vaccinated anywhere in NC?