Pregnancy, Prenatal Care & Education

If you are pregnant, you can help your child get a great start in life by seeking prenatal care before the baby is born. 


Haywood County Health and Human Services is dedicated to providing prenatal care for you and your baby through quality clinical and educational materials. We provide both Prenatal Care, which focuses on you and your baby’s medical needs, and Pregnancy Management. 

Prenatal Care

Haywood County Health and Human Services Agency will provide prenatal care to any woman who is unable to afford care and is not eligible for insurance or Medicaid.  

Pregnancy Management

Pregnancy Management focuses on connecting you with the information, nutrition, support, and referrals necessary to ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

  1. Prenatal Care
  2. Pregnancy Care Management


Haywood County Health and Human Services Agency will provide prenatal care to any woman who is unable to afford care and not eligible for insurance or Medicaid.

Prenatal care covers:

  • All prenatal visits
  • Medical services related to the pregnancy
  • Referrals to childbirth preparation classes

Services Provided

Services related to emergency care will be directed by your doctor. These services will be provided based on your financial eligibility by sliding fee scale and family size. Patients with medical insurance will be referred to a private provider for ongoing prenatal care.

Prenatal clinic appointments are scheduled daily.

Routine Care

Routine care is scheduled based on weeks of gestation:

  • 1 visit per month (during weeks 1 to 27)
  • 2 visits per month (during weeks 28 to 35)
  • 1 visit per week (during weeks 36 to 40)

Private Medical Provider

At 36 weeks, patients are referred to a private medical provider for weekly visits and labor/delivery services. Patients identified with any high risk problems (twins, gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, placenta previa) will be referred to MAHEC.

State Laws

State law requires all pregnant women to have screening for HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia at least by the time of delivery.


These screenings are generally performed at the initial exam, when you will have lab work done and be given a prescription for prenatal vitamins. Medical history, counseling and education will be provided by a public health nurse. 

Physical Exams

An on-site medical provider will provide the initial physical exam and arrange follow-up exams from a medical provider of your choice. 

Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby

To guide you during your pregnancy we will provide you with the book “Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby.” This book will cover information related to bodily changes during pregnancy, fetal development, labor and delivery, and postpartum period.