Tax Collections Department

The Tax Collections Department is responsible for collecting all county real and personal property taxes assessed within the county. 

  1. Tax Rates & Fees
  2. Delinquent Tax Collections

Tax Rates & Fees

Haywood County collects taxes for 22 fire districts and 10 road maintenance districts and one sanitation district. 

Landfill Fee

All owners of improved property in Haywood County which include manufactured homes/campers pay a landfill /solid waste fee to help support the County’s landfill and recycling programs.

All businesses also receive a landfill fee. 

This fee does not duplicate fees municipalities and private waste haulers charge their residents/customers. The programs covered by the County's fee are in addition to the curbside/drop-off programs offered by municipalities and private waste haulers.

Motor Vehicle

Taxes can be paid at the NC Dot website located here.