Tax Assessment Department

The Assessment Department is responsible for maintaining records of real and personal property ownership for use in determining ad valorem taxation. This information is collected and used each year. The listing period begins in January. Real property is permanently listed and does not require the owner to re-list every year. 

Personal property must be listed every year in January such as: 

  • Boats
  • Campers
  • Farm machinery
  • Mobile homes
  • Other business property

The tax rate for each fiscal year is usually set in May or June by the Haywood County Board of Commissioners. Tax bills are usually mailed in August or September each year.

Real Property Appraisal Office

The Real Property Appraisal Office is part of the Assessment Division and is responsible for the appraisal of all real property in Haywood County. There are 48,876 parcels of real property in the county. North Carolina Statute 105-286 requires that all real property, which includes land and buildings, be revalued for tax purposes at least every eight years or sooner if adopted by the Board of Commissioners. Haywood County was last revalued in 2017.

  1. Real Property Documents
  2. Business Personal Property Documents
  3. Personal Property Documents
  4. Exemption / Exclusion Documents