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Welcome to Haywood County Public Library: Support Your Library


The purpose of The Friends of the Library is to maintain an association of persons interested in libraries; to focus public attention on the library; to stimulate the use of the library’s resources and services; to receive and encourage gifts, endowments and bequests to the library; to support and cooperate with the library in developing library services and facilities for the community; to lend legislative support where needed; and, to support the freedom to read as expressed in the Library Bill of Rights.

How do I apply to be a Friend of the Haywood County Public Library?

It's easy! Just fill out a membership form available upon request at the library. Follow the Friends on Facebook.

What will being a Friend mean to you?

Being a Friend will give you that good feeling that comes from supporting the hardworking library staff. We do everything we can to help them have a wonderful library and do a great job. The Friends provide scholarship assistance so that staff can take courses that give them the knowledge and skills for career advancement. We provide funding for other special programs and resources that the staff would like to provide for our community, such as the children's summer reading program.

Do you like the Book Sales? Being a Friend means that in July you will have a chance to pick up books at incredible prices! You can also recycle those overflow books in your home. If you volunteer to help sort and sell books, you will enjoy even more rewards. The Friends raised more than $40,000 last year on the Book Sale!

Speaking of books, have you seen the Friends Free Shelves near the first floor elevator in the Main Library? The Friends use this area to recycle books and magazines that are too good to put into the trash. Check it out! You may find a current edition of a magazine and a good book to take home, too.

And what about our social activities? Being a Friend means that you can be on the Friend's Board as an officer, director, or a committee head. Want to be on the Book Sale, Activities, or Membership Committee? Want to enjoy working with the library staff on projects? Want to help plan or enjoy the Annual Meeting? If you work really hard, you might be honored as Friend of the Year. There are lots of jobs: newsletter writing, bulk mailings, membership list updating, legislative activities-all involved in keeping the Friends' organization going and helping you meet new friends. It's a great way to get connected in Haywood County.

Being a Friend means that you can be in contact with other community organizations, too. The Garden Clubs of Haywood County keep our library looking wonderful. Have you been to one of their Rose or Dahlia shows? The Arts Council works with the Friends to present monthly concerts at both the Waynesville and Canton libraries.

All the services and activities at the Library are FREE!

Annual dues help our library to continue to be one of the best - please join, or renew, your membership now!

Check your address label for the date of your last contribution to the Friends. If it has been a year, we hope you fill out the membership form and send us your dues now.

THANKS from all of us who love our wonderful library.

Please consider helping as a volunteer. We always enjoy new folks on our committees and working on the Book Sales. Just check an activity on the membership form or call the Waynesville Library at 828.452.5169.